• Our Drying system is a Vertical Multi-Stage Dryer:
  • The Liquid Feed is sprayed at the top of the Tower, while hot air is blowed at high temperature against the small droplets, to remove its moisture. The powder is then falling down, collected and siftered before Packing
  • Very hygienic : designed for infant milk and pharmaceutical products, it is completely cleanable in CIP and 3A approved


  • Lower Operational Expenses :
  • Lower Capital Expenses : Boiler-making done in Argentina by TAV, a worldwide expert in Spray Drying
  • Better microbiology : due to hygienic surface and CIP cleaning, the food safety is guaranteed and the shelf life of the product is extended
  • Better Functional Properties: higher flow-ability, emulsifying capacity, fast dissolving in the water with ability to make instant powder


  • Wide Range of Capacities : 250 – 500 – 750 -1000 – 1500 – 2000 – 2500 kg/h of water evaporation
  • Static Fluid Bed at the bottom of the Tower to improve flow-ability, to finish heating and control the final moisture, or to cool the powder before Packing
  • The Liquid feed is sprayed at high Pressure : between 150 bars and 250 bars depending on the products
  • The Heating Energy can be Steam, Gas or Electricity depending the cheaper source of energy on the customer ‘s site

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