Why getting our Concentrator Systems

  • Concentrate your food liquid products before Drying :
  • Extend your Drying Capacity by a factor of 2 to 4
  • Save huge Energy of your Dryer by a higher solid content of your liquid feed
  • Type of Equipments : Ultra-Filtration, Reverse Osmosis.
  • PRODUCTS = Liquid Egg White, Liquid Whole Egg, Milk products
  • Water Treatment EKOMUF: for inlet Water, Treatment before Ro, ReUse of Water, Recycling


  • Lower Operational Expenses : an extended life for the membranes due to soft operational parameters and a larger surface
  • Lower Capital Expenses for a Complete Solution: Our Own Design and smart local manufacturing
  • Performance : a higher Solid for the Concentrate due to a wider surface of membranes
  • A full automatic plant, with more control sensors of pressure – flow- temperatures for a better control, longer runs, and extended life of the membranes.


  • Capacities : 1’500 – 3’000  – 6’000 – LPH
  • EKOMUF for Water Treatment : 4’000 LPH – 8’000 LPH – 16’000 LPH
  • With Balance Tank, Pre-Heater, High Pressure Pump, PLC, CIP , according to your needs
  • Solid Content of the Concentrate : 26-28% on Liquid Egg White, 33% on Liquid Whole Egg..
  • The Heating Energy can be Steam, Hot Water or Electricity

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