Why getting our CIP systems

  • The Mobile CIP unit:
    • to be connected to all your equipments : Tanks, Pasteurizers, Exchangers, Pipings..
    • Flow control Temperature Control, Conductivity Control of the Solutions
    • Compact, Mobile, You can connect it everywhere with flexible hoses
    • Fully automatic, with PLC and touchscreen, remote control with your smartphone
  • The CIP with Recovery of the cleaning Solutions
    • Recovery of Caustic solutions, Acid Solutions, Disinfectant solutions
    • Automatic Dosing, Automatic Heating with independent loops
    • Recovery of rinsing water for the flushes


  • Higher Performance: multiple level sensors, temperature sensors, conductivity sensors, flow sensors for a perfect cleaning of your equipments, a full trace-ability
  • Lower Capex : Our Own Design and the smart local manufacturing  make it very competitive
  • A fully automatic system, flexible, with recipes for each equipments, with graphics and full trace ability
  • Optimized Times and Concentrations and Adapted Cycles for each Equipments.


  • The Mobile CIP: 1 Tank 300L, FootPrint 1400 x 800mm
  • The Smart CIP : 2 Tanks, Recovery of Caustic Solutions FootPrint 2400 x 1000
  • The Plant CIP : 3 or 4 Tanks, 1 to 3 cleaning lines at the same time
  • The Heating Energy can be Steam, Hot Water or Electricity

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