We can create for you compact to large scale turnkey plants.

Our installations are based on the most advanced and flexible technology for homogenizing & emulsifying for Mayonnaise Full Fat Top Quality to light & low cost one.


  • Batch System unable to miss the Mayonnaise
  • Fast efficient Process for high productivity

Suitable for Products with particles like Tartar sauces, Mayonnaise with herbs and various sauces.

We can offer turnkey plant with recipes and training.


Speed: 400 pots/h to 6000 pots/h

Process with Batch Homogenizing, with Buffer and CIP.

Automatic Filling, Capping, Labelling and Dating lines, for packing in:

  • Glass or PET Pots/Jars,
  • Containers,
  • Bottles, with screw or twist-off caps.

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