Why getting our Pasteurizers and Heat Exchangers

  • François Quenard spent 30 years in sizing the Pasteurizers and Exchangers for more than 50 products, optimizing the flow and surface to reduce fouling and preserve the functional properties of the Products: we’ll choose the Best Solution for your Case!
  • Type of Equipments : Tubular Pasteurizers, Plate Pasteurizers, UHT Sterilizers Tube in tube,ic Ultra Pasteurizers, Heating and Cooling Exchangers with Plate and Tubular technologies.
  • PRODUCTS = Milk and Dairy products, Fruit Juices, Fruit Purees, Liquid Eggs, Honey, Creams..


  • Lower Operational Expenses : Longer production runs before cleaning, lower losses in the flushes
  • Lower Capital Expenses : Choice of the best Exchanger for your purpose for a lower cost and better performance
  • Better microbiolgy : Extended Shlef life due to the aseptic design and the perfect CIP cleaning
  • Better Fonctional Properties: the optimization of the flowing and heating conditions are reducing the fouling and any coagulation of the product, to preserve all the functions of your product
  • Expertise in Design, Startup and Opitimization , to magnify your experience


  • Wide Range of Capacities : 500 – 1000 – 3000 – 6000 – 10’000 kg/h , and others on demand
  • Possible Sanitation with hot water at 121°C before Production, to start with a sterile machine
  • With Homogenizer, Deaerator, PLC, CIP , according to your needs
  • Compact LayOut Design, for a smaller footprint
  • The Heating Energy can be Steam, Hot Water or Electricity

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