• Establish principle and P&ID diagrams with operating cycles
  • Size equipments and optimize Consumption
  • Machine and 3D layouts
  • Planning Management (Gantt) and respect of intermediate milestones
  • Coordination / centralization of different specialists and Suppliers
  • Budget management
  • Define detailed Specifications, make consultations and orders
  • Control of Performances, FAT SAT & Qualifications


  • Experience and Expertise in Project Management → more than 800 cases
  • Unique contact person
  • Coordinator of Services and Suppliers
  • Efficient and proven methodology


  • Consultation of suppliers and proposal of 1 to 3 adapted and costed solutions
  • Detailed project budget with monitoring
  • Gantt planning management with monitoring and alerts
  • Validation of specifications and performance with FATs at suppliers plant
  • On-site SAT validations and assistance with QI QO Qualifications

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