Spray Dryer - TAV

The TAV vertical multi-stage dryer, with static fluid bed able to heat of cool : the best drying option!

Tanks - Dizio Inoxa

Perfect storage steel tank from Dizio Inoxa !


Filling in Bag-in-Box, Ultra-Clean or Aseptic.

Pasteurizer - Heater / Cooler

Pasteurizer, UHT sterilizer, ultra-pasteurizer for ESL products.


Concentration unit to increase the solid content before drying.

Cleaning In Place - CIP

CIP is a key equipment, responsible for the perfect cleaning of the whole line.

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Equipment's Technology
Installed Equipment

What do we propose ?

We have a vast network of Partners and Suppliers with whom we have built and installed more than 200 complete lines.
Together, we are really happy to work in order to bring you :

  • The advanced adapted equipment using the latest technologies and proven solutions,
  • An accurate designed and customized equipment,
  • Detailed specifications with specific follow up,
  • FAT for full testing before shipment,
  • SAT and Qualifications on your site.



Based on 30 years of experience.

Lower Capex

Due to Smart Design.

Cost Saving

Better profit and protect Environment.